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What are the price ranges of the homesites?

Presently the only homesites available for sale in Park West are those on the resale market and the lots being developed on Park Island. Resale prices range in the neighborhood of $300,000 and above. Contact Century 21 Properties Plus for more information on available homes and homesites.

When can I buy a Home?

Contact Century 21 Properties Plus at the Information Center to view a list of available homes and homesites within Park West.

Can I use my own builder if I buy a Waterfront Lot?

Certainly. The Park West Architectural Review Board must approve your homebuilding plans and your builder must licensed. You may want to consider one of the current builders in Park West who have a track record of building in the Park West environment.

What are the typical sizes of the lots?

Although homesite sizes vary according to location, a typical homesite in Park West would be 80' x 120' or 90' x 150'; although there are some smaller and some larger, depending on the neighborhood and product in that neighborhood. We should point out that all detached single-family homesites with the exception of Park Island have been sold. There are, however, a few homesites on the resale market.

How many neighborhoods does Park West have?

Park West currently has thirty-one distinctive neighborhoods. Three additional townhome neighborhoods are under development. Future development includes three other neighborhoods. Visit our site for more information about Park West neighborhoods.

What are the price ranges of the homes at Park West?

Price ranges vary according to the product, lot location - size and view - the neighborhood, and whether the home is custom built or not. The lowest price of a single-family detached home will be approximately $250,000, with highest ranging upwards of $3,000,000. Condominiums and townhomes will range from $130,000 to $400,000+.


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